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Our new line works in several complementary directions, and as a result, the skin becomes truly "tireless": - Energizes with the STIMULATING complex with a high TAURINE content - Maximizes skin saturation with MULTIVITAMINS.

Contains VITAMIN C at a concentration of 20% - The effect is enhanced by HIGH FREQUENCY apparatus 6000 micro-vibrations per minute.  
 The ENERGETIC T.BAR massage device stimulates collagen synthesis, activates blood circulation, and promotes the elimination of toxins. Intense micro-vibrations help restore the definition of facial contours.

The result is achieved quickly: the tone of the skin fibers is restored, the skin is denser, the traces of fatigue are less pronounced, the depth of wrinkles is reduced, the face is transformed.


  • HTAC BOOSTER, ENERGY COMPLEX WITH A HIGH CONTENT OF PLANT TAURINE HTAC BOOSTER is obtained by hydrothermolysis accelerated by C02 in a supercritical state. This complex provides constant skin tone due to the following properties: 

  • • Increase in energy in skin cells by increasing the activity of mitochondria and increasing the amount of ATP by 50%.

  • LIFTING effect, the skin looks less tired due to an increase in the tensile force of fibroblasts 

  •  Protection against oxidative stress 

  •  The effect of a "second skin" or "shield" that protects the skin from atmospheric pollution 

  • Immediate hydration. MAXIMUM SATURATION OF THE SKIN WITH STABILIZED MULTIVITAMINS Vitamins are essential for the body and play an essential role in its work. They are included in a wide variety of skin care products Vitamins are powerful natural antioxidants. They have been proven to help maintain the quality of the skin for longer. Vitamins effectively protect the skin from external aggressions and help prevent premature aging. 

  • HIGH CONCENTRATION VITAMIN C SERUM 20% Enriched with pure vitamin C at a high concentration of 20%, this serum awakens tired skin, reduces the effects of oxidative stress, brightens the skin and gives the complexion a radiant complexion.

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