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Triple action: Disengagement of adipocytes - Removal of fat - Drainage of toxins.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE scientists have created CELLULIT ’VIB a unique treatment for modeling a silhouette that fights fats in deep layers and smoothes cellulite on the surface.

CELLULIT ’VIB is the newest SHOCK THERAPY with the“ ULTRASOUND ”EFFECT created by the laboratories of ERICSON LABORATOIRE.

The source of this therapy is the adipose tissue lysis technique used in aesthetic medicine to combat excess fat and cellulite.

This is a new cosmetic alternative to ultrasound treatment of cellulite, comparable in effectiveness, but without its drawbacks and risks.
The results are achieved due to the action of one “explosive” phytocomplex, which can destroy the bonds responsible for the formation of accumulations of fat cells and for their deposition under the skin.

Triple action for effective weight loss:
- Fat Cell Disengagement
- Burning released fatty acids
- Slag removal

CELLULIT ’VIB slimming product is also recommended for strengthening and maintaining the results of ultrasound therapy after salon.

Cellulit' VIB: Features
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