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Face Massage


The SLIM-FACE-LIFT line is designed for men and women who want an effective correction of the signs of facial aging, but are not ready to resort to severe, invasive surgery, for patients who prefer a natural result.

This technique is aimed at correcting the movement of adipose tissue to the lower part of the face, correcting the sagging skin of the cheeks and double chin.

The line operates on the principle of two methods widely used in anti-age medicine: - Liposuction - due to the use of tissue aspiration using an aspiration massage device, as well as "molecular modeling" - it allows the fight against two types of polyamines promoting lipogenesis, and thus, this method ensures the destruction of adipose tissue.

 - Lifting with focal adhesion, a method inspired by the surgical technique of lifting with notched sutures. This technology stimulates the fixation of the points of "attachment" of membrane proteins, which contributes to the optimal maintenance of the "skeleton" of the elastic fibers of the skin.


  • SLIM-EXCESS® SLIM-EXCESS® is a marine oligosaccharide solution derived from red algae. The complex acts in the very "heart" of fat cells and acts directly on spermatozoa and spermidine. Tests of the SLIM-EXCESS® complex showed a significant reduction in double chin - by 9.1% after only 4 weeks of use. This test used serum at a concentration of 2%. The test group included 26 female volunteers over 45 years old with a pronounced problem of flabbiness of the cheeks and double chin.

  • UPLEVITY UPLEVITY is an innovative peptide obtained using biotechnology. It allows you to fight the manifestation of signs of aging, effectively correct gravitational ptosis - tissue flabbiness, heaviness of the lower third of the face, sagging cheeks.

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