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Stimulation of the synthesis of natural skin antibiotics, regulation of hormonal activity of androgen, skin detoxification, suppression of excessive secretion of skin areas with increased sebaceous glands, matted skin

Treatments for oily skin are many and varied. Oily skin problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. The simplest of them is an excess of decorative cosmetics on poorly cleansed skin, skin suffering from a lack of oxygen, with comedones and black pores, skin with excessive shine caused by increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, which needs matting and restoration of normal balance. 

These common problems are easy to get rid of with the right tools. However, there are more complex problems that are much more difficult to solve. These include acne. Acne rashes caused by various causes can become catastrophic and have a variety of consequences. 

This is why acne needs to be treated carefully and effectively.


  • ACNET AKNET is an active substance obtained with the help of biotechnology, which acts simultaneously on all the problems of oily skin: excessive sebum secretion, hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial growth. This complex is a combination of nordihydroguaiaretic (NDGA) and oleanolic acids and Osmocide gel. It works on all the causes of acne.

  • DERMAPUR To fight microbial infections, the skin produces natural antibiotics that maintain the balance of the epidermal flora (this flora is made up of billions of microorganisms such as yeast, fungi and bacteria). Once this ecosystem is disrupted and disordered, bacteria begin to multiply and reversible defects and inflammation appear on the skin. Natural antibiotics help limit the spread and growth of pathogenic bacteria on the skin's surface.

  • BIODEXTROL BIODEXTROL is an active substance developed on the basis of biotechnology. It is obtained by bioconversion of corn extract using a special enzyme - cyclodextringlycosyltransferase. The three-dimensional structure of BIODEXTROL has the ability to regulate the activity of steroid hormones androgens, instantly attaching to them and preventing them from dissolving in the sebaceous gland. Hormones no longer penetrate into the sebaceous gland and remain outside. Then BIODEXTROL releases hormones, which are excreted by the blood circulation. Having not received a signal of excess iron activity, it returns to its normal state.

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