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Facial Care


Our research laboratories have developed a line of orbital care products that can be used even by patients with very sensitive skin around the eyes. 

This line allows both to prevent and effectively solve existing problems of the skin around the eyes. In this area, the skin is very thin and is often prone to premature wrinkles. The most common orbital problems are wrinkles, fatty hernias, and dark circles.

• WRINKLES: The first sign of aging is wrinkles around the eyes, usually from the outer corner of the eye downward. These wrinkles are called crow's feet.
• DARK CIRCLES: This problem is associated, among other things, with a lack of microcirculation in the area under the lower eyelid. With age, the walls of the capillaries are stretched, which contributes to venous stasis, prevents the return of blood to the vessels. As a result, subcutaneous pigmentation occurs - it is especially noticeable on the eyelids, since the skin in this area is especially thin.
• Swelling under the eyes is the result of lymph congestion.
• Genetically determined hernias are the result of excessive accumulation of fat cells under the lower eyelid.


  • RÉDULITE Phyto-complex based on the diuretic effect of elderberry extract. Rédulite reduces the severity of congestion, which leads to the accumulation of fat, fluid, toxins and causes swelling of the eyelids.

  • MICRO-COLLAGÈNE Micro-collagen is a microfragmented substance produced using biotechnology from natural collagen. Collagen micro-molecules penetrate the skin to the desired depth and stimulate the activity of fibroblasts.

  • SILOX GT Restores tone and elasticity to the skin with signs of aging. Contains bioflavonoids that inhibit the activity of superoxide anion, and therefore cellular oxidation and the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

  • VÉGÉSÉRYL Hydro-solution of high molecular weight phyto-proteins, high in albumin and globulin. Strengthens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, increases tissue elasticity, nourishes and stimulates regeneration processes.

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