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Sensitive skin is more affected than normal skin. The barrier function of the epidermis of sensitive skin is weakened, and, accordingly, such skin has a lower threshold of sensitivity. 

The more sensitive the skin is, the lower this threshold is. This explains its acute reaction to substances that normally do not cause irritation in the case of normal skin. 

An irritated epidermis can cause tingling and itching sensations. These signs either occur intermittently, or are constantly present. Our Laboratories conduct cutting edge scientific research in this area and have been able to offer an effective solution for sensitive skin. They have developed a sophisticated innovative formula perfectly adapted to this type of skin and combining the achievements of neuro-cosmetics and genetic cosmetics.
Today, scientific laboratories are working on such innovative issues as gene analysis. Research in biological laboratories has resulted in the development of a new active substance that affects genes responsible for inflammation and cellular stress.


  • SEPICALM S This new active ingredient allows the control of key genes responsible for the occurrence of inflammatory reactions in the cells of the epidermis. Has a complex effect: neutralizes the effect of various types of stress on the skin, reduces the secretion of inflammatory mediators: pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukins, pro-apoptotic proteins. This complex effect neutralizes the skin manifestations of oxidative and nervous stress, reduces inflammation.

This new formula acts in several ways at once:
• Fights free radicals
• has anti-hyaluronidase,
• anti- elastase, • anti-
liposigenase action
• reduces the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines
• reduces redness,
• stimulates the synthesis of beta-endorphins
• improves overall skin comfort

Sensitive Pro: Features
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