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Pigment spots are the result of increased production of melanin in certain areas of the skin. In this case, we are talking about hyperpigmentation.

The causes of hyperpigmentation are numerous: the main cause is genetic, but also hyperpigmentation is caused by ultraviolet radiation (UV), fluctuations in hormonal levels (for example, during pregnancy), photosensitivity, and certain medications.

This process is enhanced with aging of the skin. Pigmented spots appear mainly on areas that are exposed to sunlight: the face, neck and hands, but can also form on other areas of the body.

Over the past ten years, there has been a real breakthrough in the knowledge of the cell biology of melanocytes, and, therefore, in the development of new technologies in cosmetology. Now we can quickly, effectively and purposefully influence the genes involved in melanogenesis.

 The latest cosmetics affect the part inside the cell where melanin is directly synthesized, as well as the epidermal center of melanization and the surrounding tissues. All this is necessary to obtain visible and long-lasting lightening and reduce age spots.

Our Research Laboratories have chosen for this program an innovative complex of natural ingredients, obtained by means of an exchange decomposition reaction. This eco-friendly method for producing active ingredients, for which the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was received in 2005, allows the production of ultra-purified 9-octadecenoic acid.
This active ingredient is at the heart of a program that quickly brightens ethnically dark skin and restores a uniform complexion. It regulates and controls the function of melanin in the skin, and thus moderates the severity of pigmentation.

In vitro studies have shown profound biological effects at three levels:
• Regulation of genetic pigmentation through inhibition of PPAR receptor binding and tyrosinase transcription.
• Control over lengthening of dentrites and reduction of transfer of melanosomes
• Regulation of pigmentation caused by environmental stress factors.
In vivo tests of 9-octadecenoic acid, purified by an exchange degradation reaction, showed rapid results in lightening dark and black skin after 4 weeks of use, and in lightening Asian skin after 3 weeks of use.

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