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We keep our finger on the pulse of scientific innovation. In developing our formulas, we use the results of the latest scientific research in the field of medicine. The result is that our preparations contain the most effective active complexes developed in the process of biomedical research.

The new line HYDRA CLINIC: Has a high content of "SMART" HYDROLIPIDS, which are able to regulate the degree of skin hydration depending on the humidity of the environment. 

They have double effectiveness and perform, as BIOMIMETIC SUBSTANCES, the function of EPIDERMIS PHOSPHOLIPIDS. 

They are also able to recreate the natural hydrolipidic structure of the epidermis.


  • LIPIDURE An active complex created as a result of bio-medical research. LIPIDURE has a mobile 3D structure, due to which it provides an incomparable moisturizing effect. - Adapts its configuration depending on the humidity level of the environment. - Acts in synergy with the skin's natural hydration mechanism.

  • AQUAPHYLINE Stimulates the in situ synthesis of aquaporins 3 - membrane proteins that ensure the passage of up to 3 billion water molecules per second through the cell membrane. AQUAPHYLINE stimulates the circulation of water from the dermis to the epidermis and increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis.

  • SKIN REPAIR BIO Stimulates the synthesis of basic proteins involved in epidermal regeneration. Promotes the restoration of the normal epidermis in dry and damaged skin.

  • MOISTURIZING MICRO-PATCHES Created using pharmaceutical technologies. They play the role of a “second skin”: a unique technology for the release of active substances ensures their gradual and long-term penetration into skin cells. They act in the very heart of cells and provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

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