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Unbalanced nutrition (the so-called "junk food") is a real attack on our body, leading to excessive accumulation of adipose tissue and cellulite.

Such foods are rich in trans fats and carbohydrates, which cause excessive accumulation of adipose tissue (dysfunction).

As a result of the consumption of such food, fat cells begin to function improperly; and as a result, their hypertrophied growth occurs.

The DIETETIC Weight Loss Program aims to combat the effects of an unbalanced diet by:

  • Correction of adipose tissue dysfunction

  • Work with already formed cellulite deposits on the abdomen and hips.

The cosmetics program includes the innovative active complex INTENSLIM, developed by the laboratories of ERICSON LABORATOIRE. 

INTENSLIM effectively reduces the amount of adipose tissue and combats the negative effects of an unbalanced diet rich in trans fats and carbohydrates.

INTENSLIM, a natural lipolysis stimulant that corrects the effects of junk food. In the course of tests involving 27 women aged 22-49 years, who for 2 months used funds containing the INTENSLIM complex, the following results were obtained: - When applied to the hips - reducing the thickness of adipose tissue by 7.6 - 24% - When applied to the stomach - a decrease in waist circumference by an average of 4 cm.

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