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Face Mask


Oxygen is essential for life. Skin cells need a constant supply of oxygen in order to produce the energy necessary for their metabolism and thus to guarantee the vitality of our skin.

 Without a constant supply of oxygen, the cells of our body get tired very quickly and undergo so-called "hypoxic stress". Unfortunately, urban air is poor in oxygen. In addition, the negative aspects of growing urbanization: pollution, heavy metals, tobacco and microbial proliferation increase this skin hypoxia.

Suffering from stress and lack of oxygen, our skin gets tired and loses its energy potential. We can hardly endure this decrease in the energy charge of our cells, which sometimes leads to ... extreme fatigue. To counteract oxygen starvation and pollution, our laboratories have developed BIO-PURE, a range of CITY PRODUCTS designed for urban women who suffer from a lack of clean air and want to deeply cleanse the skin of toxins and improve cell respiration.


  • PHYTOVITYL PHYTOVITYL is a plant fraction obtained by controlled extraction of corn seeds (non-GMO), the main components of which are involved in the metabolism at the cell level. The main components: a derivative of myo-inositol in the form of phytate ions, oligoelements (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn), sugars, nitrogen substances (proteins, amino acids), B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5).

  • PURISOFT This complex "attracts", like a magnet, impurities and heavy metals that are deposited on the skin, and neutralizes their effect, that is, it has a "PATCH CHARGE" effect. Removes all airborne micro-particles from the skin and stimulates the cellular defense system.


 Increases the ability to respond to hypoxic stress by normalizing the production of HIF-1α, the real key to the ability of cells to adapt to low oxygen levels.
 Facilitates cellular oxygen transport by increasing cytoglobin synthesis.

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