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This is a real discovery!

A dermo-aesthetic approach based on the use of genetically active cosmetics is aimed at stimulating our genetic potential and the work of genes in order to improve the condition of the skin.

As we age, the structure of our skin breaks down and the aging process accelerates. This process is highly individual, so aging is different for all people. Various factors are at the heart of this process.

 Genes are one of the main factors in skin aging. Genes are involved in all the processes of our life. Prevention of the harmful effects of aging, as well as understanding the significance of genetic "capital" and the processes of interaction of genes with external processes are important tasks of our time.
That is why we have developed a sophisticated and ultra-effective technology to protect the skin and stimulate its vital functions.
Skin aging visible to the eye is based on two processes:
• The first aging process occurs naturally in the body, and its course is predetermined genetically.
• The second process of skin aging is due to external factors.


  • MATRIGENICS 14G The active ingredient Matrigenics14 G, found as a result of recent biotechnological research, is an extract of brown alga: undaria pinnatifida, containing a wakame ester and sulfated galactofukan.

Matrigenics14 G acts directly on the deep processes of cells, thereby generating the reactivation of genes with delayed activity:
• responsible for the synthesis, growth and ordering - collagen fibers, - elastin fibers.
• responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

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