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This line is suitable for women of the "lymphatic" type, or those who suffer from fluid retention; as well as for the treatment of general completeness.

"Osmosis" refers to the phenomenon of metabolism, occurring at the level of the cell membrane.

Dissolved substances pass from a solution with a higher concentration into a less concentrated solution, and the solvent molecules move in the opposite direction through the membrane.

Thus, when salt crystals get on the skin, the salt concentration is higher on the skin surface than in the epidermis.
Thanks to the OSMOS phenomenon, water rises from the deep layers of the skin to the outer layers, eliminating the stagnant phenomena in the tissues.
Increasing this phenomenon by the enhanced thermal effect, we facilitate the elimination of toxins from within the tissues and accelerate the process of their removal.

The osmotic effect makes it possible to work on "stagnant" parts of the body.
Thanks to the active cleansing of the skin of toxins, OSMOS can effectively deal with excess weight and is an excellent alternative to weight loss care.

Osmo-Thermy: Feature
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