Slim Lift

The Dual Facial Treatment

Designed to treat age-related skin loosening above the cheeks in the area of ​​the cheek-bone and cheeks, with a tendency to a double chin.

Suitable for men and women who want a natural-looking lifting effect without having to expose themselves to the rigors of a surgical procedure.

The Treatment

The skin care method was inspired by two well-known technics in aesthetic anti-aging medicine:

Vacuum Suction – a technique of tissue aspiration by suction cups, associated with “molecular modelling”, a real trap against two harmful polyamines, while facilitating the face oval and neck reshaping.

The active ingredients of SLIM-FACE-LIFT are able to penetrate the innermost fat cells and “re-program” the cells on a diet. At the same time, they stimulate the production of collagen, which makes the skin firmer and denser – for visible tightening without risk.

Duration of treatment = 1hr 15 minutes
Minimum quantity of treatments = 4 sessions
Frequency of care = once a week

Treatment Results

  • Gentle face lift
  • Reduction of subcutaneous fat, making the oval of the face and neck slimmer and finer
  • Improves Elasticity and strengthens the support of the skin tissue, making the skin visibly firmer
  • Rejuvenation effect without surgery

Essential Active Ingredients

SLIM-EXCESS ©  – is a solution of marine oligosaccharides, to refine the cheeks and neck to redraw the oval of the face.

UPLEVITY ™– stimulates skin elasticity, provides a lifting and lifting effect in the long term. The skin reveals a newfound youth.

RENOVHYAL – based on hyaluronic acid, fills wrinkles and limits the appearance of signs of chronological and premature aging.

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