Slim & Lift

‘Adipose–Reverse’ Technology

'ADIPO REVERSE' Slimming effect

The expected aim is no longer simply to eliminate fat, but to increase skin firmness! This is the “ADIPO REVERSE”effect.

The Treatment

ERICSON LABORATOIRE SLIM & LIFT offers the Beauty Salons and Spa’s a totally original solution with a multi-target 2in1 treatment to achieve both slimming and firming effect at the same time.

Length of treatment = 90 minutes.
Treatment includes 8 sessions
Treatment frequency = once or twice a week

Treatment Results

  • Slimming & Firming
  • Breaks down cellulite
  • Improves and diminishes the thread vein appearance
  • Breaks and reduces strechmarks

Essential Active Ingredients

CORALLINE –  a marine active ingredient extracted from red algae that is extremely rich in calcium. An improvement in the appearance of orange peel skin is obtained and the skin regains firmness.

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