The White Expertise

Unfortunately, our skin does not always have the clear and bright complexion that we would like. With time or because of its nature, it is sometimes uneven or dull. Today it is possible to lighten the skin and remove it from all marks, even if this requires a long-term treatment and very active care products.

The Treatment

The PERFECTION Care has been created to effect with immediate visible result, enhancing the radiance of complexion and Lighten hyper pigmented skin. It is very crucial to have a continuous and frequent treatment to achieve brilliant results.

PERFECTION also works on the genetic action of pigmentation and stop the formation of new brown spots. With its protective action against UV rays, it ensures to help and protect the skin from further damage.

Duration of treatment = 75 minutes
Minimum quantity of treatments = 4 to 6 sessions
Frequency of care = once a per week

Treatment Results

  • Targets deep Melanocytes and stops the formation of new.
  • Lightens the visible pigmentation and spots.
  • The protective action: the presence of sunscreens in many products of this line of care, Protects the skin against the damage of UV rays.

Essential Active Ingredients

ODAWHITE ® – Regulates pigmentation and limits the metabolic pathway of melanin synthesis.

LUMISKIN ® – Illuminates its skin with a natural molecule, Diacetyl-boldine, derived from the bark of a Chilean tree “Boldo” which has demonstrated lightening properties by its very innovative mode of action.

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