Intensive Foot Repair Enzymatic Peel-Off

The Salon Treatment

Our recent research in the field of cell biology and biochemistry has given rise to PEDICARE, a comprehensive specific treatment for the feet with a Powerful regenerating enzyme complex.

This foot treatment contains an enzymatic complex, that helps boost cell renewal with the help of a powerful keratolytic (peel-off) activity.

Essential Active Ingredients

Prozymex HBT LS 9142 is a synergistic complex of highly stabilized proteases (enzymes) that accelerate the natural process of removing the upper layers of the skin. It promotes cell renewal in the epidermis. Evosina Na2GP provides a sanitizing effect.

Treatment Results

  • Nourishing and repairing
  • Moisturizing and anti-drying
  • Removal and exfoliation of hard skin
  • Boosts cell renewal

Salon Treatment

Length of treatment = 45 minutes.
Treatment includes 4 sessions
Treatment frequency = 1 per week