A Vitamin Bomb

Inspired by the latest scientific innovations, ERICSON LABORATOIRE creates MESO-VIT, a treatment of expert care in the non-invasive aesthetic medicine line, to use either “meso-like” substitution), or indeed “meso-care” (complementary care of techniques practiced in mesotherapy).

Treatment Results

  • Prevents and strengthens the skin’s natural defence
  • Heals and inhibits the inflammatory process.
  • Repairs and restructures the, the damaged tissue.

The Treatment

A “meso-like” effect, combining together in an original way the action of nano-particles with very low molecular weight and a very strong penetration capacity, with two technical tools, our SKINJECTOR and MICRO-PICK. We obtain a non-invasive professional treatment, that mimic the techniques practiced in mesotherapy.

The new nano-particles used have shown a calming, softening and healing effect particularly interesting in addition to mesotherapy sessions, in post-injection treatment. Whilst the contribution of the 3 Vitamins (Vit A, Vit C and Vit E), regenerate, lighten and protected the skin. The effectiveness of each vitamin is reinforced by the effect of the Skinjector, for a more stronger and depth action.

Duration of treatment = 75 min.
Minimum quantity of treatments = 4 to 6 sessions
Frequency of care = Once a week

Essential Active Ingredients

RETINOL H10 / VITAMIN A hydrates, regulates keratinization, repairs and protects the harmful effects of UV.

TETRA-ISOPALMITATE / VITAMIN VC-IP help in metabolic activation, protection against UVA / UVB and depigmenting effect.

TOCORETINATE-10 / VITAMIN E an anti-radical and anti-aging action.

PHYCOSACCHARIDE® a “Meso-like” action. This oligo-alginate is rich in Mannuronic Acid – a very small and powerful molecule, that penetrates deeply allowing a powerful diffusion of its nano-molecules.

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