Lipo Drainage 3D

Drainage – Decongestion - Detoxification

True to its therapeutic approach oriented towards nonsurgical medical aesthetics, ERICSON LABORATOIRE currently offers 3D LIPO DRAINAGE, a treatment designed to carry out a slimming and THREE-DIMENSIONAL remodelling of the leg in order to rebuild its original shape.

It is meant to target Drainage – Decongestion – Detoxification. Ideal for all those who suffer water retention.

The Treatment

This treatment is intended for women with orange peel skin and an uncomfortable sensation of heavy legs. The effects are rapidly felt: relief and a reduction in orange peel skin.

LIPO DRAINAGE 3D leg wrapping, is essential for optimum efficiency and acts in synergy with bio-chemical action of the ingredients. This salon treatment gives very fast results with an immediate sensation of comfort.

Length of treatment = 1h15 minutes.
Treatment includes 4 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

Treatment Results

  • Detoxifying
  • Draining
  • Decongestant
  • Improves circulation
  • Reveals heavy and tired legs

Essential Active Ingredients

INTENSLIM™ : Lipolytic, soothes the inflammation due to ‘‘trans’’ fatty acids, firming effect.

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