Intense Hydro-Nutritive Treatment

Based on the latest scientific research, Ericson Laboratoire has designed HYDRA CLINIC. A range with rich ingredients that derive from biotechnology, that can provide the skin with an intense moisturizing effect. A range with a high concentrated molecule that act on the natural hydrating mechanisms of the skin, to restore and store the skin’s hydration.

The Treatment

HYDRA CLINIC is enriched with adaptable hydrolipids that capture the water molecules available in the skin’s environment, store them and then releases them when the skin gets dehydrated. Equipped with a double performance, these lipids mimic the production of the skin’s phospholipids, and thus recreate the natural hydro-lipid structure, leaving a long lasting hydration.

Duration of treatment = 1 hour
Minimum quantity of treatments = 4 sessions
Frequency of care = Once a week

Treatment Results

  • Adjusts the skin’s moisture level to the outside air’s moisture content.
  • Promotes the constant hydration
  • Restructuring of the epidermis
  • Ensures a long-term hydration

Essential Active Ingredients

AQUAPHYLINE rich in oligosaccharides to stimulate the synthesis of aquaporins and promotes the circulation of water in the epidermis.

SKIN REPAIR BIO to help with the skin’s repair processes on damaged skin.

LIPIDURE restores the integrity of the epidermis, with its hygroscopic nature (ability to retain water), to reinforces the barrier function of the stratum corneum, and consequently reduces the insensible loss of water.

*MICROPATCHS PHYTOMARINS containing serine, moisturizing and firming properties. (*are found in some products)

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