Genetix Slim

The Cellu-Genetic Slimming Treatment

When It Comes To Weight Loss, Are We All The Same?

Innovative research techniques try to understand the link between obesity, nutrition and genetic factors. While obesity increases to more and more distressing levels, a debate has opened up on the origin of obesity: is it linked to the food we eat or our genes?

It seems obvious to us that family genetic factors play a part in the development of certain overloads. We are more likely to be round if both our parents have this type of morphology.

The Treatment

GENETIXSLIM, is a real “slimming” innovation for anyone who is struggling with genetic cellulite and wanting to target weight loss.

Length of treatment = 75 minutes.
Treatment includes 8 sessions
Treatment frequency = Twice a week

Essential Active Ingredients

Timiline – a new active ingredient, which works on new physiological pathways to slim down.

Treatment Results

  • Smooth away fat appearance
  • Reduces and breaks cellulite
  • Increase in skin tone and firmness

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