Hormone Skin Programme

The FEMINITY line is the latest high-performance challenge of the ERICSON LABORATOIRE methodology. Born from a cross combination of hormone-cosmetics and stem-cell biology. A treatment that preserves youth and femininity.

This treatment preserves youth and femininity thanks to 2 prevention axes aiming at filling the failures of two essential mechanisms, source of life:

  • Rebalancing in phyto-hormones.
  • Protection of mother cells by activation of two proteins essential for their survival.

The Treatment

This is the first anti-aging prevention treatment. It has been designed for all women aged 20 to 50 whose skin is chronically dehydrated due to cyclical hormonal variations. The FEMINITY line is the latest high-performance challenge of the ERICSON LABORATORY methodology, born from a cross -fertilization between hormone-cosmetics and cell biology.

Duration of treatment = 1hr 15 minutes
Minimum quantity of treatments = 4 sessions 
Frequency of care = once a week

Treatment Results

  • Gives a radiant complexion through hormonal balancing of the skin
  • Protects stem cells by activation of two essential proteins
  • Skin regeneration an balance of moisture distribution

Essential Active Ingredients

PHYTO-AGE is a plant extract used in Chinese medicine to treat hormonal problems related disorders. PHYTO-AGE has a repair action on skin cells.

REVIVISCENCE is a plant complex whose moisturizing power is both immediate and lasting, beyond 24 hours.

SURVICODE, an active ingredient of biotechnology, has the power to protect skin cells. The aging of the skin is thus delayed.

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