The Re-Surfacing Peeling Technology

Treatment Results

  • Skin visibly toned
  • Reduction of surface lines and wrinkles
  • Lightening residual scars and pigmentation spots
  • Desquamation of dead skin cells

This ERICSON LABORATOIRE – ENZYMACID treatment is a high-performance deep exfoliation method. This treatment is essential for those individuals who have acne on their body such as chest or back. It is also beneficial for those who have hyper-pigmentated stains on their body due to damage done by sun exposure. This is a very powerful treatment gives an instant visible and strongly felt result for lack of skin tone, and for mature skins to resurface and help with the desquamation process.

The Treatment

This multi-action peeling treatment is one of the new skincare technologies, which dramatically improves the quality of the skin tissue.
– Mechanical action with immediate removal of superficial layers and dead cells.
– Instant chemical action on skin smoothness and bright complexion with a lighting effect.
– Long-lasting biological action over several weeks, encouraging tissue renewal

Length of treatment = 45 minutes.
Treatment includes 4 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once every 2 weeks

Essential Active Ingredients

FRUIT ACIDS – glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid derivatives to strengthen the shedding of dead cells for a glowing and renewed skin.

X-PRESSIN – is an effective as glycolic acid in improving the skin texture and appearance but it’s delicate and less aggressive.

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