DIETETIK Cellulite Control Treatment.

Diet Control of Fat Cells

It is recognized that a steady diet of junk food and a lack of exercise are the causes for this increase in weight. The rise of fast food restaurants and the consumption of industrially processed foods are characteristics of our modern world. However, we know that the industrially processed foods consumed by an increasing number of people are nutritionally very imbalanced. They contain a disproportion of carbohydrates, saturated and ‘‘trans’’ fatty acids, which are truly toxic for our fat cells.

Our slimming treatment was therefore developed in order to combat the malfunction responsible for the chronic development of cellulite by inhibiting the aggression of ‘‘trans’’ fatty acids.

The Treatment

DIETETIK slimming treatment is designed to control the damage caused by a badly balanced diet by targeting the malfunction of adipose tissue, and existing cellulite, both globally and locally on the thighs and abdomen.

Length of treatment = 90 minutes
Treatment includes 4 to 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = twice per week

Treatment Results

  • Breaks stubborn fat cells
  • Smooth the cellulite appearance
  • Firms skin

Essential Active Ingredients

INTENSLIM™– Lipolytic, soothes the inflammation due to ‘‘trans’’ fatty acids, firming effect.

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