1st Step to fight Cellulite. A powerful thermal shock.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE created CELLULIT’ VIB, a high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smooths the appearance of cellulite. CELLULIT’ VIB is the SHOCK TREATMENT with “ULTRASOUND-LIKE” EFFECT from our Laboratories.
It takes its inspiration directly from adipocyte lysis (fat digenaration) practiced in aesthetic medicine to fight excess fat and cellulite.
This performance is obtained through the action of a “triggering” phyto-complex capable of smoothing away unsightly bulges.

The Treatment

CELLULIT’VIB is a dynamic treatment from our Laboratories with an “ULTRASOUND-LIKE” effect. complete slimming treatment, CELLULIT’ VIB is also recommended to enhance and prolong the effects of beauty parlour ultrasound sessions.

*CELLULIT’VIB treatment has a powerful benefit when used with vibratory machines to help restructure the adipose tissue and smooth cellulite dimpling.

Essential Active Ingredients

Phytosonic is based on new anti-cellulite technology.

Delipidol is a unique patented molecule, obtained through Biotechnology. It is a combination of punicic acid: omega 5, obtained from grape seed oil, grenadine and tyrosol, extract of olive oil.

Lipocare is a combination of active substances (Bupleurum Chinensis, Caffeine, Coenzyme A). The synergy of those three ingredients helps to smooth away fatty deposits and reshape the figure.

Legactif is a combination of 3 plant extracts: Solidago (or Golden rod), Lemon and Ruscus. Through it high concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols, it promotes decongestive, protective, anti-free radical effects.

Treatment Results

  • Breaking the fat cells
  • Smooth the cellulite appearance
  • Reshape your physique
  • Ideal for water retention.

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