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Converting Fat into Energy

The Treatment

This is a Slimming treatment for hyperactive and energetic women, who are often stressed by the daily accumulation of work, family, life and interpersonal relationships. Such a busy lifestyle causes stress, no doubt responsible for the cellulite or extra weight that has set in. Our treatment provides for a double effect on 2 entirely new aspects!

This is a very powerful treatment giving instant visible and strongly felt results:
for skin lacking tone, surface lines, residual scaring, pigmentation spots, excess of dead cells.

Length of treatment = 1H 30 minutes.
Treatment includes 4 to 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = 2 per week

Treatment Results

  • Fights Self-blocking Cutaneous Stress
  • White Fat Effect
  • Brown Fat Effect
  • Reinforced Fat-burning Effect

Essential Active Ingredients

LIPOUT® is an alternative to invasive treatments; it reduces body fat through its ability to convert fat-storing adipose tissue into tissue, which actively burns it. LIPOUT® converts adipocytes which store fats into beige adipocytes capable of burning fat.

B-SHAPE®, extract of a red alga, is an essential active ingredient for counteracting the harmful effects of an intense lifestyle on the figure.

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