Skin Oxygen Therapy

ERICSON LABORATOIRE offers the BIOPURE range of urban skin care products specifically adapted to address the effects of pollution on the skin in-depth, cleanse it and enable it to breathe better. BIOPURE has been developed for all city-dwelling women in search of fresh air, anxious to detoxify their skin.

The Treatment

Here is a complete professional treatment enabling the beauty therapist to treat all problems related to oxygen-deficient skin through four actions; The Cellular Oxygenation, anti -pollution shield, trapping polluting agents via a “Patch Charge effect” and strong energizing power.

Duration of treatment = 1hr 15 minutes
Minimum quantity of treatments = 4 sessions
Frequency of care = once a week

Treatment Results

  • Reoxygeneation and renewing the cellular activity
  • Protects and Shield against all over pollutants
  • Eliminating and detoxifying impurities
  • Improve the skin’s natural defence

Essential Active Ingredients

PURISOFT – traps pollutants and heavy metals impregnated into the skin like a magnet to neutralize them: “PATCH CHARGE” effect.

PHYTOVITYL – A main components for cell regeneration.

OXYGESKIN – boosts the cell metabolism. Oxygenates the skin, feeling more energetic and resistance to daily environmental stress.

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