The complete care for Oily and Acne skin

The care of oily skin is quite vast and complex. This problem has indeed different aspects: Shiny skin prone to excess seborrhea that needs to be rebalanced and mattified, a dull and rough complexion, dilated pores, blackheads, pimples and pustules.

The Treatment

What is Acti-Biotic?

ACTI-BIOTIC is a highly targeted and high-performance skincare product line dedicated entirely to the treat of combination, oily and acne prone skin. Formulated from a powerful phyto -complex that allows the skin to rebalance itself, leaving the skin:


Duration of treatment = 60 minutes
Minimum quantity of treatmentss = 4 to 8 sessions 
Frequency of care = 1 time per week

Treatment Results

  • Normalizes hormone secretion
  • Dilates enlarged pores
  • Soothes irritated zones
  • Frosts shiny spots

Essential Active Ingredients

ACNET acts on the production of sebum and limits irritations.

DERMAPUR is a powerful phyto-complex capable of regulating seborrheic secretion and its consequences.

EVERMAT is an active ingredient made from Enantia Chlorantha (extracted from an African tree) and Oleanolic Acid (extracted from olive leaf), able to leave a mattifying finish. Having both Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Properties.

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