Ericson Laboratoire means Excellence in Skincare

Ericson Laboratoire has been established in Europe for the past 60 years and is distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. It is a medically orientated skin care regime that will treat skin conditions like acne, neuro-sensitive skin, pigmentation, residual scarring and the skin’s ageing process, to name a few.

From a Medical Field to Beauty Therapy

Ericson Laboratoire is a French brand of exclusive, professional beauty products. The brand, first launched inn Paris and highly acclaimed by the Paris Jet Set, was created by Professor Ericson – A distinguishes biologist who dedicated his life to medicine and research and specialized in ageing problems and the surgery & repair of burned skin tissue.

Based on a concern for a fast-acting effectiveness, Ericson Laboratoire’s “non-surgical” beauty concept is intended for women who are seeking a genuine skin care method that gives visible results, without the intervention of a medical procedure of any kind.

Scientific, Innovative, High Performance Skin Care

Developed by scientists, the active ingredients used are all very high tech: “Frozen cellular extracts, Bio-Tech enzymes, third generation liposomes, highly polymerized DNA, Thymuline, energy booster GP4G, phyto-hormones to rebalance the moisture or sebum content, anti-wrinkle ingredient, lipo-blocking protein, etc.

Genuine Treatments

Our therapeutic approach allows to tackle all skin problems successfully. The active ingredients used are of marine, phyto-biological and bio-technological origin. Ericson Laboratoire offers genuine treatments that are available to the best professionals having gone through a complete technical course.

Visible Results

We take care of all skin problems: energy deficiency, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and minor scars, overactive seborrhoea and diffuse red blotches. The results achieved are very visible and highly satisfactory.